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Continuous Improvement Council

The Senior Management Team is constantly seeking ways in which to improve GlobalFlow as a producer and employer. As a result, GlobalFlow has embraced and begun to implement the practices of Continuous Improvement (formerly called Lean Manufacturing). This program is designed to utilize the ideas and common sense of every employee in order to increase efficiencies and promote a safe, satisfied, successful workplace.

In the spirit of Continuous Improvement, the CIC (Continuous Improvement Council) was created and held its first meeting in January, 2013. This Council brings together employees, chosen by their peers, from all Business Units, representing the different geographical regions and production units. Its purpose is to engage employees, focus on continuous process improvement, foster better communication, and improve relationships among the different business units and branches of GlobalFlow. The CIC has already proven successful, through the implementation of new policies and greater communication and understanding between business units and locations.

Continuous Improvement Council

CIC members from left to right: Justin Hughes (Controls SK), Lorie Travis (Automation), Shannon McDonald (Corporate), Janet Salopek (HR), Cam Marshall (CEO), Chris Mair (PE Welders), Jeff Slettede (Controls AB South), Melanie Robinson (PE Office), Gary Rutberg (Controls AB North) and Ryan Schaufele (PE Assembly).