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Kev's Kids

In 2010, the Grande Prairie employees chose to support a local non-profit organization called Kev's Kids with funds from the Foundation.

Kev’s Kids was started in 2003 by ROCK 97.7, when a need was identified in the Grande Prairie area that many kids were “falling through the cracks” and not receiving help from any other agencies or health care for specific things. One hundred percent of donations raised goes directly to Kev’s Kids.

Kev’s Kids is governed by a Board of Directors, with members consisting of ROCK 97.7 staff and members of the community. The organization was named after their morning person, who champions the cause during his morning show. The tremendous response from the community has supported the real need for kids and their families who need that additional support.

Some examples of Kev’s Kids benefactors are:

  • QEII Hospital’s Therapeutic Clown Program,
  • the purchase of a special seat and car seat for a girl who has severe Cerebral Palsy,
  • P.A.C.E. (Providing Assistance, Counseling & Education) towards the purchase of a 15 passenger van to transport the child involved in the P.A.C.E. program,
  • renovations and vehicle modifications for a girl with Rhett’s Syndrome, - special contact lenses and glasses for a girl with congenital cataracts, and
  • the purchase of a power recline wheelchair mechanism for a young girl who is suffering from ontogenesis imperfecta, enabling her to adjust her own chair.