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GlobalFlow Foundation

GlobalFlow’s leadership strongly believes in supporting and helping people in need in the communities in which our company operates, and beyond. With this in mind, we created the GlobalFlow Foundation in 2008. It is a registered charity. GlobalFlow donates funds to the foundation which, in turn, donates funds to other registered charities.

The Foundation is overseen by a board of directors consisting of GlobalFlow employees with various job descriptions in our three business units. Our employees themselves choose which charities receive donations.

Because the Foundation’s board wants to ensure that the funds are given to organizations that are meaningful to the employees and to which the employees are personally committed, it has created the following guidelines for donations:

  1. The Foundation will match any monetary donation made by an individual employee and/or his immediate family to a registered charity.
  2. The Foundation will match any monetary donation made by a group of employees to a registered charity as part of a company team-building activity.
  3. The Foundation will make a donation to any registered charity to which at least four employees (or a minimum of one employee plus friends/family/contractors/customers) volunteer time.

GlobalFlow is proud of the commitment to communities that is continually demonstrated by its employees’ good will and generosity in providing money, time and spirit.

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