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About Us


The organization that has evolved into GlobalFlow was founded in 2002 as the Maverick Group of Companies. We focused initially on instrumentation and electrical controls through Entegra Controls and Energy Services, and on well optimization for the natural gas sector.

Early growth – The company added privately held subsidiaries, operating locations and capabilities over the years. GlobalFlow was founded as a Maverick company in 2003, with an initial business focus on well optimization. In 2004 GlobalFlow added manufacturing capability on an initially modest scale, focused on measurement packages for shallow gas and coalbed methane. This included the innovative GlobalEye system, which was developed in-house.

Refocus – The overall organization grew from six employees at its founding to approximately 180 by 2008. The company responded to the subsequent worldwide economic downturn and collapse of natural gas prices by refocusing the business, substantially increasing its manufacturing capabilities in 2009.

International activities – In 2012, the company passed an important milestone in winning its first contract outside of North America. Further international work followed, including a significant package of work in New Zealand in early 2013, and a large contract in Albania in the summer of 2013.

Manufacturing facility – The modern, 28,000-square-foot manufacturing facility near Medicine Hat was acquired in 2011. This significantly expanded the company’s ability to manufacture larger, more sophisticated equipment packages, skid-mounted modules and pressure vessels.

Consolidation into GlobalFlow – Also in 2011, Maverick was refocused, reorganized and rebranded as GlobalFlow, with the three current business units of Automation, Controls and Process Equipment, and the overall goal of achieving measured growth by delivering integrated energy solutions. This business model continues today.