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Upgrades to the Process Equipment Facility in Medicine Hat, AB are Complete

Over the last year, we have been working diligently on upgrades at the Process Equipment facility.

The first of these upgrades was the addition of Miller Pipeworx RMD Welding machines. These machines use RMD technology, stabilizing the arc and weld puddle. They also have Pulsed MIG, which lowers heat input and reduces interpass cooling time – allowing improved weld cycle time.  These procedures and machines will also allow us to use one wire and one gas – eliminating the need for process switch-overs. They have proven to be a great addition to the weld shop. 

Another major upgrade was the addition of a new forklift.  The Hyundai 160D-7E was chosen, with a lifting capacity of 35,000 lbs. The addition of this forklift has solved a number of inefficiencies, including greatly decreasing time spent moving projects, eliminating the need to hire third party cranes, and allowing us to x-ray outside of the shop.

The final changes include several upgrades to the building. A 32’ wide x 18’ high overhead door has been installed on the west end of the assembly shop, and a 14’ wide x 16’ tall overhead door was added to the spooling bay in order to allow forklift access to that portion of the shop. These doors serve to increase efficiencies and total useable space in the shop.  An extension to the west apron has also been added. This addition will allow instrumentaion and electrical work to be completed outside of the building, as required. Gas service to the shop has also been upgraded.   

All of these changes were designed to increase capacity, capabilities and efficiencies.