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Our Culture

GlobalFlow’s internal culture flows naturally from the basic size of the company, the work we do, the type of people who are drawn to the services we provide, the strong ethics and business principles of our leadership team, and our desire to maintain an internal atmosphere akin to a large, extended family.

Our culture strengthens us in our drive to being a high-quality service provider to the energy sector. Key aspects of our culture include:

  • Value – to the customer, and of the individual employee;
  • Family-oriented – harmonious, working together;
  • Energetic internal environment – high energy, entrepreneurial and unique;
  • Commitment to listen – supportive of employees, providing levels of advancement, and listening to the customer; and
  • Bottom-up experience in the things we actually make and do.

Many people who have joined GlobalFlow over the years have chosen to build careers with us. They are committed to maintaining the personal nature of GlobalFlow’s internal culture, in which relationships among team members are strong, and each person is valued and treated as an individual. The culture is reflected in key aspects of our human resources policy, which includes individual mentoring, helping our employees advance and increase their skills, and developing leaders within the team.

This key aspect of our internal culture meshes logically with our way of doing business. This includes virtually 100 percent customized products and services, never compromising on safety, striving to maximize quality at all times and continually improving how we do things. Customized products reflecting superb workmanship tend to flow best from a close-knit team in which each individual understands that their contribution matters, and that their work output is not only appreciated, but critical to overall success.

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