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Building Your Career

When you join GlobalFlow, you’ll gain the chance to build a real, life-long career, based on merit and earned success.

We always look for opportunities to promote from within, and we do so based on people proving their aptitude and clearly contributing to the success of their teams, their location and the company as a whole. We have had people advance from an entry-level position on the shop floor to managing field locations all the way to running one of our business units.

This approach reflects GlobalFlow’s size and entrepreneurial nature. Your career path is not “set” the day you join GlobalFlow, and we have avoided the overly structured, procedure-based career pathways of more bureaucratic organizations.

At GlobalFlow, our people advance by proving themselves. You will be promoted not “because it’s time”, but because you have earned it. If you are an individual who is driven to excel, who challenges the way things are done, who is motivated to try to improve our company, you will be recognized at GlobalFlow.