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Our Culture

GlobalFlow’s unique culture is a big part of what draws people to the company. We’re an approachable company with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a combined team of nearly 150 people, we’re certainly not small. But we’re not a big, complex, bureaucratic corporation.

GlobalFlow’s managers, business unit leaders and president are all hands-on, hardworking people who began their careers working at the field level in the oil and natural gas industry. They’re not remote corporate types – they’re the real deal.

Because our company has locations across Western Canada, you’ll be working in a setting that, on a day-to-day basis, feels like a small business. You’ll easily get to know everyone at the location or facility where you’re based, including the manager and business unit leader.

But make no mistake: we provide sophisticated services and carry out serious projects for some very large customers. That gives GlobalFlow a unique balance of smaller, family-type company feel, along with a serious technical focus on integrated energy services, providing work that we think the committed employee will find motivating and interesting.

You can read more about what makes our culture unique by clicking here.