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Training and Development

GlobalFlow provides internal training, coaching and mentoring in keeping with our entrepreneurial nature.

Upon hiring, each new employee undergoes a common orientation process, and receives standard safety training and certifications to meet the requirements of the company’s internal safety program. Where appropriate and required, individuals also receive specialized training on specific equipment. This is sometimes provided by the equipment supplier, such as manufacturers of the SCADA packs that our instrument technicians install.

As a member of the GlobalFlow team, much of your ongoing development will be driven by our dynamic work environment. If you are an apprentice, you will work with a number of qualified and experienced journeymen. This will give you the opportunity to see a range of working styles and gain firsthand insight into some of the best problem-solving and troubleshooting skills the company has. You’ll get exposure to the best practices of various talented people, and be able to take away what works best for you.

Each year during your apprenticeship you will go back to school, and when you return to work your educational success will be recognized through competitive school assistance from GlobalFlow. When you get your journeyman’s ticket, we’ll be as proud as you are!