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Why Work at GlobalFlow

There are dozens of fabrication facilities, electrical and instrumentation contractors, and SCADA/automation companies serving Western Canada’s oil and natural gas producing sector. But we think GlobalFlow is unique. We’re a mid-sized company with a smaller, family-company feel – but we take a back seat to nobody when it comes to our commitment to quality.

We perform sophisticated technical work for some large, recognized energy companies in the areas of automation, controls and process equipment. And we’re growing. That means we are always on the lookout for qualified and motivated journeyman and apprentice electricians, instrument technicians, SCADA/automation specialists, pipefitters, “B” welders, project managers, technologists and drafts-people.

Proper qualifications and time on the job are important to us – but by far the most important things from our standpoint are attitude and character. We’re looking for people we can trust and rely on. People who not only want to work, but want to excel every day. People who are both thinkers and doers. People who can work as part of a team most of the time, but alone when necessary, at remote field sites as well as in the shop, 8-4 some days, but weekends and even nights when the customer is counting on us to fix an urgent problem. People who want to help make GlobalFlow an even better company – and have the ideas and drive to help make it happen.

We know we’re asking a lot – but we give back. We provide competitive compensation and benefits, suitable support for our apprentices to continue their education to journeymen, and a safe work environment. Those are just the basics. Even more important, we offer a culture in which every individual is valued for who they are, in which every individual can make a difference, and will be recognized.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that every employee knows who they are working for and who is in charge of the locations and business units – not just from a newsletter article, but because they know each other personally and talk regularly. It also means that our business unit leaders, location managers and field foremen are empowered to make decisions. This contributes to a dynamic work environment that is focused on getting the job done and delivering solutions to our customers.

GlobalFlow’s innovative Continuous Improvement Council includes employee membership from our three business units. It meets regularly to look for ways to make the company work better. It has been a huge success in exchanging ideas and driving positive action – and it demonstrates the value of engaged employees.