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Integrated Energy Solutions

Design and Engineering

Years of field experience over hundreds of projects means that GlobalFlow can say with confidence that we know what will work in the field. That is the basis for our insight into design and engineering of control, electrical and automation systems.

We can help you plan the architecture of your system, then design it in detail. Our expert draftspeople will prepare the drawings. We work closely with electrical engineering and process engineering strategic partners to provide any required technical engineering consulting as well as certification and stamping of our drawings.

This approach can add value to your system because it ensures constructability as well as smooth functioning of your field system, which GlobalFlow views as an integrated whole rather than separate elements. The close collaboration of our business unit teams ensures compatibility among these elements. This can reduce the need for change orders, work-arounds and retrofits in the field.

If your preference is to provide or source your own design and engineering, we are of course pleased to work to your drawings. We will carefully review your drawings to ensure completeness and constructability, and will provide suggestions for possible improvements before beginning installation.