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GlobalFlow has an excellent safety record and a simple safety philosophy: we want zero injuries in the workplace.

The industry we serve – the oil and natural gas producing sector, including sour gas-producing or processing sites – is inherently hazardous. The particular hazards of our services include working with electricity, lifting and moving multi-ton objects, and welding inside pressure vessels.

GlobalFlow has achieved its high safety performance through a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from encouraging employee acceptance to specific procedures. We hold our provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR). The COR is an externally audited acknowledgement that a company maintains a recognized safety system covering all aspects of its business.

The COR’s associated protocols form the baseline for GlobalFlow’s safety manual, and we have developed our safety manual to meet or exceed those requirements. Developing the manual included identifying all hazards our employees might encounter, and then creating practices, policies and instructions to prevent those hazards from creating harm to our employees and others present at our work sites.

Recognizing that no mere manual or set of rules can force employees to be safe, GlobalFlow has focused a great deal on employee adoption. We use a saying: “How do you define safety? It’s how everybody acts when nobody’s watching.” We fundamentally believe that our people shouldn’t be following safety protocols merely because they are told to do so, but because they believe in the value it provides to them and their family.

We are very fortunate to have a team of employees who are very committed to safety, and we observe very good compliance with our protocols. GlobalFlow’s senior leadership and Board of Directors fully support the company’s safety program. The goal is for each employee to go to work safely every day and to return to their family equally safe and healthy.

Looking ahead, we are improving internal communication of safety-related information by developing an internal Sharepoint intranet site. It will hold all our safety documents, including the manual, policies and procedures, and incident reports, and will be accessible to all employees. This will make safety process changes, updates and alerts of incidents or emerging issues immediately available to every employee at each location.

GlobalFlow’s safety manual is available to interested customers on request, by contacting their GlobalFlow representative or project manager.