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Integrated Energy Solutions

Why Integrated Solutions Work Best

GlobalFlow capabilities span a range of services that, in coming together, create value for the customer that is more than the sum of the individual services. Combining all the services that a customer’s project may need in the areas of process equipment, automation, and electrical, instrumentation and controls equipment and services improves efficiency and often delivers a superior product.

From the producer’s standpoint, integrating the individual services needed to equip a well site or field facility reduces the procurement, supply chain management and administrative time they will incur. The single supplier – GlobalFlow – will be able to deliver superior pricing and service delivery thanks to the efficiency gains from combined planning and provision of equipment and services. Not only will quoted pricing and schedule be superior to those under separately sourced services, but the project is more likely to achieve its targets.

We also believe that the result itself will be superior. Our experience shows that integration creates the internal environment for generating ideas that improve the project’s architecture, design, features and functionality. At its simplest, integration generates added value in the project itself.

At bottom, having automation specialists, electricians, instrument technicians, welders, project managers and draftspeople all talking to one another is a good thing. Each person contributes practical experience and specialized knowledge from one area that affects another. Working together, our people have gained insight into how their functions affect the workings of the overall system. This facilitates fixing shortcomings before they become costly change orders or retrofits, and optimizing the overall design for performance, durability and safety.