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Establishing reliable, cost-effective and secure communication between the individual reporting RTUs across your producing field and the plant site or other central location, plus the corporate offices, is an important consideration in any SCADA system.

GlobalFlow’s Automation team is experienced with all the communications options – cellular, private radio, satellite and land line – and can provide advice on which medium and carrier will work best in your area. We use the producer’s private radio network wherever one is established. Where this isn’t possible, our preference is to use the cellular network wherever practical, given its advantages of speed and cost-effectiveness. Where necessary, we use satellite services, and can configure systems to either high-Earth-orbit or low-Earth-orbit satellites.

Prior to installation, we perform radio path studies to ensure a clear radio signal among sites, ensuring proper system functioning.

Once installed, a SCADA system communicates through polling. Rather than having a continuous stream of data, which would overload the system and incur prohibitive communications costs, the system periodically interrogates individual RTUs for data updates. Users can also poll on demand. Properly tuning the comms system – such as setting up particular polling sequences – is part of the Automation team’s service package, ensuring that your SCADA system works efficiently.

Typically, the producer will select their preferred telecommunications carrier. But GlobalFlow can also provide modems, routers and data security, and perform the hookups. Our Global Reach service encompasses the complete telecommunications hardware, software and access package, enabling you to set up remote maintenance and support of your field sites, all through a single convenient monthly subscription fee.