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Automation of oil and natural gas metering and control processes offers the producer many benefits. These include greater productivity, labour savings, faster operational response to production anomalies such as well freeze-ups, more detailed corporate oversight, improved risk management and more certain regulatory compliance. Corporate-level users – production managers, field and facility supervisors, reservoir managers, accountants and many more – are able to access detailed field-level production information in near-real-time, while gaining the ability to control wells and facilities remotely.

The Automation business unit understands these benefits, and our mission is to help producers operating across Western Canada and internationally realize them. A basic example of automation is moving from the traditional chart recorders situated at each wellhead to electronic flow measurement (EFM). That alone saves on significant recurring labour costs, and brings your production reporting from monthly or quarterly to on-demand. Wellhead meters are the building block for a much more powerful automation solution: a field-wide supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

Our Automation team consists of instrument technicians, electricians and programmers who are expert in every element of SCADA systems – particularly the programming. We understand that every client’s needs are different, so that every solution needs to be individually thought through. After listening to your needs, we will customize virtually every element of your SCADA system – and that includes the communications, the polling sequences, monitoring and control, call-outs, data exports and trending.

Programming is the heart and soul of a successful SCADA project. Anyone can purchase off-the-shelf hardware like remote telemetry units (RTUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), plus the human-machine interface (HMI) software. The key is programming all the elements to work both individually and as a coherent system. The goal should be for the SCADA system to operate reliably for years on end and supply the right information, at the right time, to the plant operator and corporate-level users.

GlobalFlow’s Automation team is experienced and expert at every step in the cycle, from conceiving/designing a field-wide system, to sourcing hardware and fabricating SCADA panels, through training users and providing custom-written operations manuals. We place particular emphasis on getting the programming right. As our customer, you will have access not only to qualified technicians but to senior Automation personnel, including management decision-makers. We have access to multiple product lines and are vendor-neutral, placing us in an objective position to find the right solution for the customer.

We are also familiar with the detailed requirements of the ERCB’s Directive 17. All SCADA systems in Alberta must comply with Directive 17’s requirement to record production data from the most recent 35 days, plus any events and anomalies. When you choose GlobalFlow’s Automation business unit, we always strive to ensure that your new SCADA system will enable you to achieve the required measurement accuracy, reporting categories and auditable records.

We provide plant-level as well as corporate SCADA systems (both direct-reporting and data-mining systems), and can work on projects of any size across Western Canada. And thanks to our network of locations staffed by expert electricians and instrument technicians, we will be there when needed to upgrade your system, replace worn-out hardware or perform maintenance and troubleshooting.