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SCADA Systems

GlobalFlow offers truly full-cycle SCADA capabilities, based on the Automation team’s in-house expertise and long experience in SCADA systems, supported by the capabilities and network of locations provided by our Controls business unit. These strengths enable us to operate anywhere in western Canada and back up our SCADA design with field installation and long-term, 24-hour-per-day maintenance capabilities.

Your new or upgraded SCADA system can be designed by us, or we can implement your consultant’s or in-house team’s design. We have installed and/or provided SCADA systems or elements for producers ranging from small private juniors to senior companies with production of over 100,000 boe per day, and have a number of longstanding relationships stretching over many years. The benefits of choosing one supplier for your SCADA needs are the resulting consistency of hardware, software and design, plus lower costs over multiple iterations at successive field installations.

We can work with a number of hardware and software vendors. We always encourage our customers to use rugged, fit-for-purpose components with proven track records of durability.

GlobalFlow is also able to balance the producer’s desire for cost-effectiveness against their need for system speed, flexibility or reporting capability.

Network Diagram

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