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Electrical Services

The Controls business unit provides comprehensive electrical services for upstream oil and natural gas equipment and facilities. We install and maintain electrical systems in everything from pump-jacks, down-hole pumps and other wellhead equipment, up to large processing facilities. We handle everything starting at the utility right-of-way and extending to the last switch, and everything in-between. We can also provide on-site power where needed.

Our work is very diverse, and our priority is always a high-quality installation that is reliable, durable and safe to operate. Our electrical services are provided by ticketed journeymen and master electricians based at our field locations.

Virtually everything we do is customized and we are equally capable of providing electrical design and engineering as we are working from client-supplied drawings. In all cases, we review the drawings and provide feedback and advice on constructability and functionality. Getting it right at the planning stage is far more efficient and cost-effective than having to do work-arounds or change orders during installation – or retrofits down the road.

GlobalFlow’s maintenance planning experience allows us to assist the operator before and after operational shut downs to ensure the proper equipment and personnel are on-site and ready to perform when needed. We also provide site evaluations for existing locations to help get older facilities up to code, and we repair/rewire equipment, including pumps, control centres and compressors.