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Instrumentation Services

Adding value in this highly technical area goes beyond the supply, installation, calibration and repair of oil and natural gas production and processing instrumentation, plus system tuning. While we are expert in those tasks, what really sets apart the GlobalFlow team is our ability to troubleshoot and offer solutions.

Our instrument technicians evaluate an instrument not as an isolated entity, but in the context of the facility or field’s entire control system. And they have the big-picture thinking needed to relate the control system to the hydrocarbon production and processing stream that is being controlled. That gives them the rare ability to distinguish between instrumentation issues and process issues.

Others might focus on replacing a “faulty” meter, gauge or control unit. We would first evaluate the functioning of your process equipment to determine whether the issue is instrumentation-related at all – or whether the item is accurately reporting a process problem. This demands understanding the function of every physical element and worker in the field facility, what each piece of processing equipment does, and how the facility works. Call-outs to repair instruments that turn out to be reporting process problems are quite frequent. Being able to offer our clients this type of insight adds value far beyond the cost of any meters or valves.

The rest of the time, the job is about sourcing, installing and commissioning the right instruments. We are fully versed in everything needed – from single instruments at individual wellheads to complete systems controlling a large processing facility. We provide the full range of services on all electronic, pneumatic and mechanical instruments and devices.

GlobalFlow is vendor-neutral and maintains strong relationships with instrument suppliers.