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Measurement is about more than being able to install an oil or natural gas flow meter. A true measurement specialist can look at a customer’s field map and know every meter required throughout the upstream infrastructure, its individual role, how it relates to the other elements, and how the overall system operates and is controlled. A measurement specialist is also briefed on the evolving regulatory picture, able to advise the producer on whether the current system meets compliance requirements or needs upgrade.

That is what GlobalFlow’s Controls team brings to the measurement table. Our everyday work consists of recurring calibrations, meter-run repairs or installation of new meters. We do this all the time, and we bring the same commitment to customer schedule, safety and quality to this role as we do to our other services.

But when you need more – like real process troubleshooting due to faulty data reporting or equipment failure, or professional advice on system design or tuning – we really shine. Our best instrumentation technicians have become our measurement specialists, and they make a point of keeping up with the constant advances in technology, equipment and regulatory requirements affecting the measurement space.

You can start with no more than, “There’s something wrong in our field reporting”, and we will find the problem, whether it’s a meter, any element of the physical process, the process equipment, or your SCADA system. This is not something every contractor can do.

To help producers ensure regulatory compliance, we can put together the complete reporting and auditing package, working with a strategic partner. This can be combined with a GlobalFlow-designed and installed SCADA system to automate the process.