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Integrated Energy Solutions


GlobalFlow’s Controls business unit provides comprehensive electrical, instrumentation and measurement services – from routine maintenance or supply of individual items to the complete design, materials sourcing, installation and maintenance of entire systems. Oil and natural gas is our primary focus, and we also serve other industrial sectors.

The Controls business unit comprises electricians – masters, journeymen and apprentices – instrument technicians, including specialists in measurement and variable frequency drive (VFD) motors, plus draftsmen who can design entire electrical systems. In addition, the Controls team includes burner/tank heater specialists, ticketed A-Class gas fitters who install, maintain and optimize burners and burner management systems, provide field approvals and obtain permits.

We are dedicated to creating high-quality systems that operate safely and reliably for the long term. We do not cut corners for marginal cost savings, and we never compromise on safety. The Controls team offers in-house design capability, working with a preferred engineering partner to certify our drawings, or we work to our customer’s drawings. Either way, we always provide feedback to optimize our customer’s plans. We also work closely with GlobalFlow’s other two business units, providing electrical and instrumentation expertise and labour to the Automation and Process Equipment teams and together delivering GlobalFlow’s integrated energy solutions.

Your main point of contact will be the branch manager in the GlobalFlow location that serves the area of your project. On projects of larger size or longer duration, you will have day-to-day contact with the GlobalFlow project foreman, who is empowered to make decisions in service to the customer.

One of GlobalFlow’s foremost advantages is our network of locations. These are well-chosen outlets situated across the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. All are staffed by capable electricians and instrument technicians, and equipped with parts and service vehicles. These capabilities enable us to meet our commitment to providing maintenance and repair 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The business unit also offers a broad array of electrical, instrument, control, metering and related parts that are commonly used at well sites and field facilities. We work hard to maintain strong and positive vendor relationships, providing access to a broad range of high-quality parts and equipment.

We pride ourselves on being vendor-neutral in the provision of parts and materials in our electrical and instrumentation contracts. Our personnel are qualified to work on virtually any product line or supplier’s component, enabling us to support everything we sell. This assures the customer that our hardware recommendations are objective and motivated by the pursuit of a high-quality solution.