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Integrated Energy Solutions

Design and Fabrication

Everything we produce is designed to deliver the right approach for the producer’s intended application. We can build in batches where required, of course. But you’ll never have to choose equipment that’s ill-suited for the uses you’re planning for it – too big, too small, or otherwise with the wrong parameters. That is one of the benefits of dealing with a true custom fabricator with design capabilities, plus electrical and instrumentation specialists stationed in-house.

Quality, service and attention to detail are central to our service offering, by which we mean both the quality of our workmanship and formal quality control procedures that can be audited and relied upon. In addition, we are continually raising the internal bar on quality and efficiency through GlobalFlow’s continuous improvement program.

Design – Everything we manufacture is either designed in-house, based on a customer requirement or statement of purpose, or is built to the customer-provided design after being carefully reviewed by our team. Our deep experience and commitment to high-quality results enables us to provide valuable and practical input to the customer’s chosen engineer, solving process problems and delivering the design that works best.

If you choose GlobalFlow to handle the design, we perform complete design and drafting in-house, and have the drawings stamped by a qualified outside engineer. We are equipped with Compress software to perform calculations for pressure vessels, as well as AutoCAD for design and drafting, and SolidWorks for 3-D rendering. All designs are submitted to and approved by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA). We also have a U stamp so that we can design pressure vessels for use outside of Canada.

Fabrication – We are qualified in shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) or traditional “stick welding”, submerged arc welding (SAW), metal cored arc welding (MCAW) and gas metal arc welding (GMAW, also known as metal inert gas or MIG welding). We are able to weld piping and pressure vessels across a range of thicknesses. Typically the customer will rely on us to select the components and parts that we believe will work best for the application, but we also frequently work with the customer’s preferred manufacturers. Vessel fabrication consists of taking pre-fabricated shells and heads selected for the intended service, cutting and installing nozzles to handle controls, gauges and pipe connections, and assembling the vessel with skirts or pedestal, as required. Our U stamp qualifies us to fabricate pressure vessels for international use.

Project Management – Whether it’s a large multi-unit package or a single vessel, every process equipment job is assigned a project manager. They are your advocate throughout the project. These are experienced people with practical, ground-up knowledge – such as a former lead hand “B” pressure welder or technologist. These people speak the language of process equipment fabrication and are fully versed in what happens on our shop floor.

The project managers are also part of the feedback loop that will assess the suitability of your design and provide advice on correcting shortcomings or making improvements. Internally, the team holds frequent production meetings to make sure things are working smoothly and projects are progressing according to our customers’ schedule, and that any issues in the workflow can be corrected.

Integrated Capabilities – The practical benefits of GlobalFlow’s integrated services are nowhere clearer than in our process equipment facility. We have electrical and instrumentation specialists and field personnel from the Controls business unit stationed in-house. This results in continuous internal communication and access to expertise that seamlessly combines the separate scopes of work. Changes and improvements can be made efficiently at the design stage, or early during fabrication, avoiding potentially costly work-arounds or change orders at a later stage.

Attention to Detail – Our experience and integrated capabilities allow us to envision how your package will operate in the field and assess whether it will work properly. We often identify details that the customer or other service providers might overlook. These are small but practical, useful things. An instrumentation technician, for example, might notice a design lacking a fuel gas bypass, and recommend this be incorporated. In another instance, the customer wanted doors on the package enclosure, to improve cooling during summer months. GlobalFlow personnel identified the need to secure the doors in the open position, and we designed a robust catch that would hold on the windiest days.