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Rental Packages

For the producer, renting equipment that will be deployed to field sites for short periods – such as well-testing packages – often makes more sense than buying. Equipment can be sourced as needed, and then returned, without incurring major capital costs. This approach enables the producer to determine stabilized production rates, composition and key ratios on their new wells, before committing to new production equipment.

With GlobalFlow, you are able to fulfill both of those needs through a single supplier – renting well-testing equipment whenever you need it, and then having us design and build fit-for-purpose packages that are exactly right for your new wells. We also have rental packages available for annual testing of non-metered producing wells.

GlobalFlow offers an extensive and well-maintained fleet of well-testing equipment for rent:

  • Three-phase (gas/oil/water) sweet and sour separators;
  • Metering packages;
  • Blowback tanks;
  • Flare stacks;
  • CBM wet metering and control packages; and
  • Flatbed, pickup, winch and picker trailers.

GlobalFlow’s rental operations are based at our Medicine Hat-area process equipment fabrication facility. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned, checked, recalibrated and tested after each deployment, with any needed line replacements or other repairs made by our dedicated maintenance staff.

Our rentals are generally short-term in nature, but we also provide long-term rentals. For a producer or service company interested in longer-term deployments or repeated use, we are pleased to construct customized, reusable, portable skid- or trailer-mounted well-testing packages for purchase.